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Chris is an Anglican minister in Melbourne Australia. He grew up in Sydney and was part of an evangelical Anglican Church there until his marriage to Dianne (Di) in 1972.
He and Di had 3 children in the 70s. Their son Paul died during treatment for Leukemia in 2012. They now have 6 grandchildren.
He worked for 20 years as an electronics engineer in the Dept of Civil Aviation (Transport, Aviation) designing air traffic control systems.
He studied theology at Ridley Theological College, Melbourne from 1990 to 1992 and was ordained in 1993.
He was vicar of St Theodore's Wattle Park/St Thomas' Burwood from 1996 until he retired in mid 2015.
Most of the sermons on this site, apart from the most recent, were presented at St Thomas' Burwood.


I'm now part of a small inner city Anglican church in North Carlton where I'm mainly simply a congregation member, though I do on occasion preach and take part in service leadership (and play guitar when I get the chance). I also offer my services to new preachers to help them in learning how to preach from the Bible in a helpful way

I coach a number of other Anglican ministers through the Diocesan coaching program. I am available to others as time permits. This can be done face to face or by phone or even Skype.

I also have a number of other roles within the Diocese of Melbourne as well as being national Treasurer of EFAC Australia, a member of the Committee of CBE Melbourne and a board member of ARDFA Australia



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Phone: 0422187127