Chris Appleby Ministries

Chris Appleby Ministries



Some Useful Links

The Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion

 Expo Preaching - Expository Preaching Resource

Anglican Relief and Development Fund Australia 

Giving Hope relief fundraiser 

Amanuensis Gallery 
Amanuensis Gallery - includes Good Friday services of meditations and prayers

The Anglican Church of Australia

The Anglican Communion News Service

The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

The Church Missionary Society

Church Links
Other evangelical churches in Victoria can be found on the EFAC Links page

Affirming Biblical Equality
and Community


TEAR Australia

A Christian overseas development agency that encourages and facilitates Australian Christians in their response to need in poorer countries by supporting local Christian groups and church development initiatives.

The official Alpha Homepage
And here's the Australian Alpha Site.

Christianity Explored
The official Christianity Explored Homepage

Anglicans Online


A quarterly journal of resources for bible teachers and preachers.


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