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Phil 3:7-14

I don’t know if you’ve ever had someone you thought you would absolutely love to be like, someone you looked up to so much, that It would be everything to be like them. I did, his name was Alistair, well, still is. I was in high school, year 11 and I was so confused about who I wanted to be. I’d been walking away from God, while remaining a Church goer. I don’t know if you can relate to that, but it left me utterly confused.

The fun life promised by my friends at high school was losing its shine, but I still wasn’t sure I wanted to embrace Christianity, this faith that promised fulfilment. But then I met Alistair, he had just moved down from Townsville in Queensland with the other members of his rock band, you guys see where this is going, right! Well he moved down and came to church one night, I met him and couldn’t believe that a guy as cool as he was, who had his own band, would come to church on Sunday night.



I wonder whether you can think back to when you were in your late teens (this will be more recent for some of us than others)?

What dreams did you have for your life? How did you picture your future? What sort of things did you hope to do? And have you done them? Have things worked out the way you’d hoped at all?

Have any of you seen a televisions series called 7-Up? It’s a documentary that tracks the lives of about ten people in seven year intervals. It’s fascinating to watch this snap-shot of people aging and to see how each major life-decision affects the rest.

Actually, it’s a little bit depressing. Because in every case, the people interviewed say that life has been a lot harder than they thought it would be when they were in their teens. And the study shows that there are two major life decisions in particular, that seem to limit, the potential for other opportunities: and those are marriage and children.

There’s a song that says ‘love changes everything’, and it’s true. The decision to love someone profoundly affects how we go about making other decisions about study, travel, work and how we spend our time and money.

When I was a teenager my dream for my life was to be a highly successful, highly paid barrister. I wanted to travel, to be financially independent, and to never get married.

You could say that that hasn’t exactly worked out the way I planned … and the reason for that is because at a young age I formed a relationship with Jesus and I gave my life to him … and then that meant that the Holy Spirit came into my life … and his love for me changed everything (and later he brought Adam into my life). This meant that I had to start listening to what the Holy Spirit had to say about my life choices. In other words, it wasn’t just about me anymore.

1 The Fear of God - Keep away   audio (7MB)

To truly understand the events of Good Friday we need to delve deep into the history of Israel. So let me take you back to Mt Sinai, in the first few weeks of the Exodus, the journey from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the promised land. [Bible Reading: Exo 19:16-21]
As the Israelites look up at Mt Sinai, cloaked in clouds, with thunder and lightning cracking around the peaks, accompanied by a loud trumpet call, they’re reminded of the nature of God, the fear of God.
Fear of God is something we struggle with in the 21st century. We’re so steeped in the concept of  a loving God who cares for his people that we forget that that same God is a God to be feared. And I do mean afraid in the sense of terrified.
The people come out to the edge of the mountain and we’re told there’s a blast of a trumpet so loud that all the people who were in the camp trembled. They don’t actually need to have Moses tell them to stay clear of the mountain. In fact they tell Moses, we don’t need to come up with you. You just go on your own and speak on our behalf and then tell us what God says. We’ll take your word for it.

God Will Guide You audio (3MB)

Psalm 25

I recently bought one of these new smart phones. It's great. It does everything, except make the coffee. One of the best “apps” on it is the navwoman. You type in your destination and a very clever woman tells you exactly how to get there. “Turn right in 300 metres.” “At the roundabout take the second exit.” And she’s very forgiving. If you miss a turn she calmly says “Recalculating.” I mention this because this is how some Christians expect God to guide them. At each decision point he’ll tell them which way to go. If they make a mistake or ignore his prompting he’ll simply forgive them and recalculate their path.
Well, there’s some truth to that perhaps. God’s sovereignty does override our sinfulness. You can see that in the history of Israel and of the Church. God certainly promises in various places to guide us. Jesus promises his disciples that when he goes he’ll send them another counsellor to be with them, the Holy Spirit who'll guide them into all truth.
But does that mean that God will tell you which way to go at every decision making point? Does God have a wonderful plan for your life that you need to find if you're to be happy?

Matt 6:19-21; 25-33 audio (4MB)

By Garrett Edwards

When I was thinking about the new series, we’d embark on in the Youth Services this year, I was reading, in my devotions a book called, ‘I talk back to the devil’ by a dude named A W. Tozer. And I thought; why not go with this, this is filled with fantastic reminders, great insights to what it means to follow Jesus by ‘talking back to the devil’.

And for this week, the title was originally, ‘Running with Jesus’. That was until I told a friend and he burst out laughing telling me about a Christian fitness regime called, ‘Fit for a King’. And later I found out that there was a Christian Aerobics video back in the 80’s called ‘Firm Believer.’

So at the risk of sounding like CLAY was starting up a track and field program called ‘Running for Jesus’, I thought I’d change it to something fairly obvious, but right on the money, ‘Don’t Worry.’

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